A Place In Which You May Inquire


Although I Might Regret This Action Later

And By Later I Mean In The Immediate Future

I Suppose Ill Share This With All Of You

Enjoy It While You Can

Because I Certainly Will Not

I Mean I Did But




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Anonymous asked:
Psst, psst, I see you

Anonymous asked:
Do you still use this or is it just gathering dust?

(Alright I know I’ve been neglecting to not only answer questions, but to even say that I’ve been kind of busy lately. 

I want to thank the people who still follow this account, and the ones who are continue to follow it daily! 

I’d rather not get into specifically why I’ve not been able to update this, but I will try to soon! Just thanks so much for sticking with this blog though, it means a lot.)

Anonymous asked:
do you trace art because it looks like it lol

(no? my art is actually really bad, i don’t understand why you think i would trace. if you would like to see my wip’s on anything just send me another ask. :> )

(I have to say, Gamzee is an excellent face painter.) 

(I have to say, Gamzee is an excellent face painter.)